CrunchPad Tablet Becomes 12" Joojoo: $499, Ships Soon

Apple Tablet, schmablet. Who needs a tablet PC from Cupertino when The Joojoo is on the loose? In what is easily the wildest, strangest tech story of 2009, the Joojoo is the result of a long-standing project gone awry, bruised egos and lots of hard work in the engineering lab. Honestly, this is the stuff that WWE matches and daytime dramas are made of, and while it's not quite as crazy as this whole Tiger Woods debacle, the story behind the tablet (partially) pictured below is quite interesting.

The entire story is somewhat lengthy, but in short, Michael Arrington's long-awaited CrunchPad is now the Joojoo, which is being built and sold by Fusion Garage. Without getting into the he said-she said of it all, the CrunchPad is now dead, and the Joojoo won't have anything to do with Arrington. We're guessing that most of you couldn't care less about the personalities behind the scenes so long as you get a new device to swoon over, and that's exactly what you'll be getting on December 11th.

Announced this week, the wireless touch-screen tablet will boast a 12.1" display, a 9-second bootup, a single button (the power switch), a lust for web browsing and a weight of 2.4lbs. The screen touts a resolution of 1366x768, and it will cost users $499. Other specifications surrounding the OS, CPU, RAM, storage, etc. have yet to be made public, but we're guessing that'll change once orders are ready to ship within eight to ten weeks. So, the only question left is this: are you thinking of snagging this, waiting for an Apple Tablet or shunning the tablet scene altogether?