Crucial Intros New Ballistix RAM Kits

If you've taken a look at our holiday gift guide, you probably had your hands full with RAM options. But Crucial has a last-minute entry to think over if you are still taking your sweet time when it comes to purchasing gifts. The company's Ballistix line is growing, and the speeds are soaring as well.

The new Crucial Ballistix with Thermal Sensor memory modules are now available in speeds of DDR3-1866 MHz in capacities of 2GB, 4GB kits (2x 2GB) and 6GB kits (3x 2GB), and DDR3-2133 MHz modules in capacities of 2GB or 4GB kits (2x 2GB). This RAM, which is geared at high-end, performance-minded users, incorporates the new thermally improved finned design and built-in thermal sensor. It will be available in dual and three channel kits, and they're designed for the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 systems. If you already know you're going to be pushing these sticks to their limits, there's a new Active Cooling Fan to go along with it. Links are below for specifics on each new kit:

·         Crucial Ballistix with Thermal Sensor DDR3-1866

·         Crucial Ballistix with Thermal Sensor DDR3-2133

·         Crucial Ballistix with Thermal Sensor product data sheet

·         Crucial Ballistix MOD Utility

·         Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan