Creator Of Classic Police Quest Series Taps Kickstarter To Fund New Project: Precinct

Jim Walls and Robert Lindsley, both formerly of Sierra Games where they helped birth Police Quest, are returning to the well to create a new police adventure game called Precinct. The team is raising funds on Kickstarter to finance the project.

Set in Fraser Canyon, California, Precinct will offer “real life” police situations such as shootouts, car chases, arrests, and so on, as officer Maxwell Jones moves up the ranks to fight corruption in the town. The first person-perspective game will have choose-your-own-adventure type actions, but it will also feature action gameplay, such as hand-to-hand combat and investigations.

Precinct gameplay screenshot
Gameplay screenshot

Precinct concept art
Gameplay concept art

There’s a demo in the Kickstarter video that starts at about 4:30, and it shows how Precinct will have that feel of modern-day mechanics and movement but with a hand-drawn aesthetic.

Precinct will be available as a digital download on PCs and Macs, and it’s also slated for platforms such as Steam. The funds they raise will all go to the game, as they’ll be eschewing a traditional publisher relationship. If they hit the $700k mark, they develop a Linux version of the game, and should they be so lucky to top $800k, they say they’ll roll it out for iOS, Android, XBLA, and PSN, too.