Crazy Agency Execs Start Indiegogo Campaign Pressuring Valve To Develop Half Life 3

Does the squeaky wheel get the grease or does the nail that stands up get hammered down? While scholars and fans of idioms debate which is the more likely outcome, a pair of interns at the New Mexico-based ad agency McKee Wallwork & Co. are going all-in with the former in an attempt to harass urge Valve into making Half Life 3.

The ambitious ad execs started up a a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for a series of tactics designed to get Valve's attention and drive home the point that gamers want -- nay, demand! -- that it finally develop and publish Half Life 3. How exactly will it do that? Well, it depends on how much money is raised.

Half Life 3 Truck

Should the team come up with $3,000, it will launch an AdWord campaign that will be seen by every single Valve employee whenever their vanity motivates them to Google themselves. No joke.

"You know when you're browsing Google and in your search results page you see a nice little advertisement on the side? Well, we want to do that, but target all 300 employees of Valve," the team explains. "So that way, every time an employee Googles themselves (c'mon, we know that they do) they would be presented with an AdWord. What would it say, you ask? Simple. 'WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3.'"

At the $9,000 tier, the team can afford to rent out a mobile billboard, which is essentially a truck with a big ad on the side. The same message will appear as it drives around Valve's headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

From there, things get decidedly weird (or weirder). The team starts talking about Gabe Newell lookalikes donning "We Want HL3" t-shirts and an epic Half Life 3 concert, provided this crazy scheme can raise $150,000 in funding. At the time of of this writing, it only needs another $149.871 to reach that goal.