Craft Beer Loving Startup Finalizes SYNEK Countertop Draft Dispenser, Available To Preorder For $299

Ever been off the beaten path and discovered an amazing craft beer that isn't available locally? If you owned a SYNEK machine, you could bag it and tag it for consumption at home, right from your countertop. That's the general idea behind this Kickstarter project, which wants to do for beer what Kuerig did for coffee.

It's the first ever countertop beer dispenser, an accomplishment in and of itself. But what really makes the SYNEK worthy of attention is that the vacuum bags it uses can be filled from any tap using a special hose that never comes into contact with air, thereby giving you access an unlimited variety of brews without degrading the quality or taste. The bags hold up to a gallon of beer, and if you want to have multiple brews on hand, just stick the ones you're not using in your fridge.


As for the machine, it's self refrigerated and pressurized, allowing beer to stay good for up to a month -- much longer than a growler. You can also swap out bags on a whim without worrying about losing carbonation.

SYNEK's founders claim the bags don't affect the taste of beer. There's a bit of interesting complexity to their design -- the inside layer is FDA approved and doesn't react to the contents of beer, meaning your beer won't taste like a metal spoon or plastic toy. A second layer of stretched aluminum offers oxygen barrier qualities similar to cans and protects your suds from UV rays. And finally, the bag is coated with a polymer for strength and durability.

Here's a raw look at one of the bags and how it's filled.

"This is a technology that can benefit everyone in the industry if everyone rallies behind it; brewers can engage more customers, distributors save on reduced shipping costs, retailers fit more product on shelves, and customers can get a wider variety of the freshest beer in the world," said founder Steve Young.

After a successful Kickstarter run, these guys have hit the ground running and have support from over 17,000 brands. They've also completed the design and are now taking pre-orders at $299.
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