CPL Reserves Right To Drug Test

Much of the professional sports world has some kind of drug testing system in place, but there hasn't really ever been talk about drug use in the Cyberathlete Professional League. While drugs and alcohol have always been banned from the league, there wasn't much in the way of what to do with suspected abusers. The new 2007 terms have been changed though, and the CPL now reserves the right to conduct drug testing at its own discretion. This only applies to those who are believed to be breaking the rules, and the CPL will not be drug all participants in the event.

"There's a story at TwitchGuru that some gamers have interpreted to mean that CPL is commencing random drug testing in 2007. That interpretation is incorrect. The CPL is changing its Terms and Conditions in 2007 to give it the right to conduct illegal drug testing."
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