Cowon J3 Portable Media Player Has 3.3" AMOLED Touch Panel, Beefy Battery

Cowon's a company that few people in America have heard of, mostly because they don't spend a great deal of money marketing themselves here. The likes of Apple and Microsoft are much more known in the mainstream, but Cowon's competing in the same portable media player space. By and large, the company makes great products. They're sleek, they're portable and well-built. They're extremely popular in South Korea, and they're trying hard to widen their presence in other countries.

There's hardly a better way to do that than to simply continue to produce new gear. The company's latest device is a real eye-catcher, and it's a great media player for those with smaller pockets. The J3 is a sleek, graphite-colored portable media player that has an OLED display (touch panel) and is capable of playing back audio files as well as a variety of video files. The 3.3" touch screen is one of the larger ones, making it perfect for turning sideways and enjoying a DivX download. The 32GB of internal storage can also be boosted by inserting a MicroSD card (something the iPhone definitely cannot do), and there's also built-in Bluetooth for listening to cord-free headphones.

Other specs include a TV output, voice recorder, Flash player, FM Radio tuner and a battery that's able to last through 64 hours of music player and a whopping 11 hours of video playback. At $299.99, it's definitely competing directly with the iPod touch, but for those seeking something a bit different, this is a great option.
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