Cowon 3D Portable Media Player Won't Require Glasses

As if it weren't official already, 3D has taken over the world. It's hard to say if the trend will continue this time, but the 3D effect is now filtering down into gadgets that were previously immune to 3D coverage. Even Nintendo's DS will get a 3D overhaul next year, and now Cowon has revealed a media player that will as well.

Simply called the Cowon 3D, this simply designed media player retains the sleek style that Cowon is known for, but adds a 3D panel and support for 1080p playback. There's an HDMI output, a 4.8" display (800x480 pixels) and a 3D visualizer that doesn't require glasses. The battery can last for around 10 hours of video (or up to 300 hours in standby), Wi-Fi and a rather interesting looking UI.

The unit will ship in South Korea with 2 sizes: a 32GB version for around $430, and a 64GB version for around $500.
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