Could Apple’s iWatch Be Ready To Launch Next Month? Indicators Say Yes…

The first time we heard about Apple possibly launching a smartwatch was nearly two years ago. Ever since then, there's been a fairly steady stream of rumors and speculation, but nary a peep from Apple. So, what gives? Well, if the latest chatter holds any merit, Apple could finally unveil a smartwatch during its scheduled press event next month.

John Gruber over at Daring Fireball seems to have information that would suggest Apple is going to release its "wrist wearable thing next month." The comment was made as an aside to the Moto 360 and that the only thing funnier than Motorola's funky design would be if Apple launched its own smartwatch next month. That comment lit the tech world on fire.

iPhone iWatch

Given the attention his statement received and the speculation that next month's press event could see an iWatch release, Gruber at first tried to downplay the issue on Twitter by saying, "I have no idea whether Apple is planning a wrist thing for September or October, just making a joke." In another tweet, he clarified that even though he was making a joke, he was serious about Apple's wearable device.

Adding to the mystery of Apple's unannounced plans is the rumor going around that its wearable device might not be a smartwatch after all, but a fitness band. There's been chatter that Apple's working with L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant and other athletes to test the device. Adding more fuel to the fitness band fire, Bryant was even seen on Apple's campus earlier this year.