Core 2 Quadro Coming!

DigiTimes reports that Intel's upcoming quad-core Kentsfield processor will be arriving in November and will be dubbed "Core 2 Quadro". Slated to debut at the same time as AMD's upcoming 3GHz Athlon 64 FX-64 CPU, the first quad-core CPU from Intel will be a flagship Core 2 Extreme QX6700. This model will feature a 2.66GHz core frequency, though a much less expensive Core 2 Quadro Q6600 will be offered in Q1 2007 which will run at 2.4GHz. Overall, the next six months should be an exciting time on the desktop front as we will now have more CPU horsepower than we know what to do with. Hopefully, game developers are already hard at work making their new engines take advantage of all those extra cycles. One somewhat interesting aspect to this story is the fact that "Quadro" is a trademarked name by NVIDIA. With the latest acquisition of ATI by AMD, could this new naming convention signify a tighter relationship between Intel and NVIDIA than previously thought?

Additionally, Intel will launch a new 65nm quad-core CPU, the Core 2 Quadro Q6600, in the first quarter of 2007, ahead of AMD's planned launch of server-use quad-core Deerhound in 2007 and desktop quad-core Greyhound in 2008, said the sources. The Socket-775 Q6600 CPU will have a core speed of 2.4 GHz, a built-in 2x4MB L2 cache and support a 1066 MHz FSB (front side bus), plus Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology, Intel Virtualization and Execute Disable Bit functionalities, the sources indicated.


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