Coollaboratory Liquid Metal - Thermal Interface Material

And interesting product has found it's way into the PimpRig labs, a new type of thermal paste. Liquid Metal is the name, and it looks like, well, liquid metal. It's also a bit hard to spread around, as PimpRig found out. They got the paste from a seller on e-bay, so does this stuff actually perform well?

"I was shocked when I pulled the cap off the syringe and saw that the needle was still there. I had no idea how the thermal interface material could get through an opening that small until I pressed the plunger slightly over the CPU. A drop of the material came out with no problem and sat there like a ball on the CPU. It was at that point that I got a little nervous since it looks just like Mercury. But then I had to think, "What company, whether in their right mind or not, would sell Mercury on eBay?"