Coolest Gadget Watch Yet?

A few years ago when Fossil released a PDA watch, our hearts skipped a beat.  Now Van Der Led is releasing a watch with a feature list that made our hearts palpitate:

“The Van Der Led WM2 is a quad-band GSM watch with itty bitty 1.3-inch, 260k color touchscreen display, stereo Bluetooth, up to 240-hours of standby or 300-minutes talk, and 1GB of storage for a few of your MP3 or MP4 files.”

For the time being this is the closest you can get to owning a watch that would make you feel like the star of a 007 movie.  If this watch garners some success and even carves out a little piece of the market for itself, we have a feeling this won't be the last of its kind.

If Apple decides to mate the iPhone’s smartphone features and iTunes functionality with a watch such as this, we think it should come with a free defibrillator.
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