Cooler Master's Motorized PC Gaming Desks Arrive To Stand With You In Battle

Coole Master GD160 ARGB gaming desk
Study's have shown that sitting at your PC for extended periods can be detrimental to your health. As such, it's a good idea to get up and walk around on occasion. Alternatively, a height adjustable standing desk will get you off your bottom and on your feet without taking you away from your PC, if you just can't be torn away, and that's what Cooler Master is offering with its new lineup of PC gaming desks.

Cooler Master is offering three models: GD160 ARGB, GD160, and GD120 ARGB. Both GD160 desks measure 160cm wide (63 inches), the only difference being one of them features addressable RGB lighting and the other does not, while the GD120 ARGB measures 120cm (47 inches) wide. Curiously, only the larger version can be had without RGB lights for a cheaper price.

"Work and play like a living legend. In front of the GD160ARGB desk, gaming’s first electric height-adjustable desk with immersive ARGB lighting, define your own sitting and standing positions — never let discomfort flaw your victory in the arena," Cooler Master says of the larger version.

There are other motorized desks with RGB lights like Thermaltake's Level 20 RGB Battlestation, though Cooler Master claims its is the only one with an immersion factor, meaning it can mirror colors on your display in real time, configured via the company's MasterPlus+ Match utility. There are different lighting modes too, as shown in the MasterPlus+ tutorial video above.

A digital controller on the front of all three desks allows users to adjust the height from 65cm (26.6 inches) to 130cm (51.2 inches). This is powered by a dual motor system on the GD160 ARGB models, and presumably a single motor on the GD160 and GD120 ARGB. Both size options are rated to hold up to 220.5 pounds of equipment.

These desks are made from chipboard and steel, with Cooler Master claiming a high level of durability. There's also a rear steel cable tray to help maintain a tidy work and gaming space. Interestingly, the regular GD160 adds a full surface mouse pad made of water resistant materials, whereas the other two do not.

Cooler Master GD160 ARGB desk
Cooler Master says all three models are available now. We found two them up for preorder on Amazon—the GD120 ARGB for $379.99 and the GD160 ARGB For $899.99. To put those prices into comparison, SecretLab's Magnus metal desk (59.1 inches) costs $549 before adding on accessories, and is not motorized.

We haven't tested these, but quite frankly it's a bit of a confusing lineup, given the feature separation that exists. Unless we're misunderstanding, here's how it breaks down...
  • Dual motors: GD160 ARGB only
  • Height adjustable: All three
  • Remembers your position: GD160 ARGB only
  • Full-size mouse pad: GD160 only
  • Rear mounted aluminum tray: All three models
  • Anti-collision feature: GD160 ARGB only
All three desks are backed by a 2-year warranty.