Cooler Master Launches $99 CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Is there anything better to type on than a keyboard with mechanical key switches? The correct answer is 'No', though we'd also accept 'Hell no, are you crazy!?'. We're big fans of mechanical keyboards for a number of reasons, and thanks to Cooler Master, we now have one more option to consider when shopping high performance planks. The latest addition to the mechanical keyboard party is the CM Storm QuickFire Pro, the next incarnation of the QuickFire Rapid.

There are different types of mechanical key switches, and the QuickFire Pro ships in four of the most popular flavors, including Cherry MX Blue (low resistance, force feedback), Cherry MX Brown (medium resistance, force feedback), Cherry MX Red (very low resistance, linear feedback), and Cherry MX Black (strong resistance, linear feedback). If you're new to all this jargon, check out our "Mechanical Key Switch Keyboards Demystified" feature (with video demonstrations of the different key switches).

In addition to mechanical key switches, the QuickFire Pro boasts laser-marked keycaps with a non-glossy matte finish, a set of extra keycaps (key puller tool included), 1ms response time in USB mode, a Game mode that disables the Windows key, partial red LED lighting, and a braided USB cable.

The CM Storm QuickFire Pro will be available sometime this month.