Cool Kano DIY Raspberry Pi Computer Teaches Kids Coding, How To Get Their Geek On

Mark Zuckerberg, and Facebook, are trying to encourage high school students to get into tech and coding. It’s part of a strategy to attract young techies, who have the right skills, to work for them. However, Kano is looking to target young kids to get them interested in computers and coding at an early age. Even so, anyone of any age, who would like to learn more about computers can use it.

Sporting bright, vibrant colors Kano is a simple computer and coding kit that retails for $149. The kit comes with illustrated Kano books, a DIY Speaker, the Kano OS and levels preloaded on an 8GB SD card, Kano keyboard, custom case, card mods and stencils, stickers, cables, smart power plug, WiFi powerup, and the Raspberry Pi Model B. It’s everything you need to build a computer with the exception of a display.

Kano’s plug-and-play design makes it easy to assemble and to use. It started out as a Kickstarted project back in November 2013 and received $1.5 million in backing from over 13,000 backers making it one of the most crowdfunded learning inventions ever.

But aside from learning how to build a computer, Kano also lets users learn how to code through its Kano OS. The open-source OS is built on a variant version of Linux and rewards the user with a leveling system as they learn to modify games such as Pong, Snake, and Minecraft. From there, users will be able to download other projects through the device’s WiFi (once you have assembled that).

Kano is available to order for $149 at