Cook Says Apple’s Future Space Ship Campus Is Not Only Alien-Cool But Environmentally Green As Well

Last month, we got our first major preview of Apple's upcoming 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino thanks to an enterprising drone owner. While all we saw was basically an outline of things to come, it quickly became clear that once finished, this campus is going to be nothing short of staggering - both in size, and design. It could very well become a prized building respected the world over - and knowing Apple, that's no doubt the intention.

As it turns out, the campus isn't only gargantuan, it's also very green. In a new live interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, which helped open New York's Climate Week, it's shown that Apple cares greatly about climate change, as well as renewable energy. That probably comes as no surprise, though, as with the size of Apple's various operations, it'd stand to benefit greatly from being as green as possible. The company's mega-datacenter in North Carolina, for example, has an equally mega field of solar panels.

It's not all about renewable energy, though. Apple's also making great strides to remove toxins from its products while also improving the efficiency of its supply chain. Amazingly, Cook said that 94% of Apple's energy is renewable, and that the company's actively working to get that last six percent. Regarding its upcoming campus, Cook went as far to say that it's, "the greenest building on the planet."

That's quite a bold statement, but given Apple's sheer size, it's nice to see that the company is very serious about being as green as possible.