Conroe Chipset Plans Unveiled

The gang at HKEPC have managed to uncover ATI and NVIDIA's plans for Conroe-supporting chipsets and have posted the information for your viewing pleasure. As previously mentioned, ATI's next flagship chipset for Conroe will be their RD600 part, complete with dual PCIe x16 support. Alongside RD600, ATI will have the RS600 part which is an IGP chipset based upon the X700 GPU and supports ATI's AVIVO video technology. NVIDIA's answer to ATI's RD600 part is the nForce 590 SLI Intel Edition with the new C55 northbridge replacement coming Q1 2007.Most interesting however is the current industry rumor that NVIDIA is preparing an Intel-based IGP solution to compete with ATI's RS600 part. We'll post more information as it becomes available.

"For nVidia, nForce 500 Intel Edition family is the new option. nForce 590 SLi Intel Edition(C19 SLi+ MCP55) supports 2x16 SLi, while nForce 570 Ultra Intel Edition(C19Ultra + MCP51) has no SLi function. C55 chipset is the replacement of C19 northbridge, featuring 1333MHz FSB and DDR2-800. It's expected to be releasing in 2007 Q1. In addition, Supporting ECC Registered and Memory scrubbing on Single-bit errors, C55 may also appear in the workstation and server market. In addition, it has rumored that nVidia plans to provide Intel based IGP solution, yet it's not confirmed."