Conan Rips On Apple’s Flaccid iPhone 6 Plus With Samsung’s Stiff 'Raging Phoner'

Apple finally responded to complaints that its giant sized iPhone 6 Plus is having trouble staying firm, saying the problem is an "extremely rare" one (that excuse never works, btw) and that only nine customers have complained to the company about it so far. That might be true, but given the widespread media attention the device's bendable body has received, it was only a matter of time before comedians starting cracking jokes. One of the first is Conan O'Brien, and if you have even a slightly dirty mind (who doesn't?), you're going to love his latest skit.

The skit lasts a mere 30 seconds, which is ironic given the subject matter is filled with sexual innuendos -- just as you start enjoying yourself, it ends. Nevertheless, it's a hilarious 30 seconds (the entire video is actually just over a minute long when you account for the stand-up foreplay that sets up the skit).

Bent iPhone
That's the look of disappointment right there.

The 30-second spot plays out like a Samsung commercial, and given some of the recent jabs the South Korean handset maker has taken at Apple, you could almost believe this is a real ad, if not for the audience laughing in the background. It makes fun of the bent iPhone's "flaccid" structure and touts how Samsung phones stay "rigid and stiff" by comparison. Check it out, though be warned that if you have a weird phone fetish, you'll want to take a cold shower afterward.

While the above is a spoof, it didn't take long for Samsung to pounce on the opportunity to poke fun at Apple's media misfortune via its Twitter account.

As funny as all this seems, it's no laughing matter to Apple. The company has seen its stock price take a hit by "bendgate," which is down 4 percent since the issue was first reported. It now sits below the $100 mark at $97.87, with Apple's market capitalization taking a $23 billion hit since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was released. In other words, Apple's stock is turning out to be just as flaccid as the iPhone 6.