Compute. Wash Hands. Compute. Wash Hands

Sharp electronics has come up with a LCD screen that incorporates an optical sensor in each pixel of the panel. Current popular touchscreen items like the iPhone handle touchscreen commands with a layer of film bonded to the display panel. Sharp's breakthrough means decreased thickness for the screen, higher image quality, and makes an LCD screen into a defacto scanner.
This technology eliminates the need for films, resulting in a thinner, beautifully clear screen display compared to conventional touch screens. In addition, tactile recognition based on simultaneously touching multiple points on the screen is now possible, a feature previously difficult to implement. For example, users can easily tap the screen with two fingers to enlarge or reduce a displayed map. Also, the scanner function can be used to scan in a business card placed on top of the screen, and further improvements to this function are expected to enable fingerprint authentication in the future.
I want so very much to get a big, bright, clear touchscreen, with a wireless keyboard, and throw my mouse in the swamp.
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