CompuLab's Fit-PC3 Is An AMD-Powered Nettop, Cute As A Button

The mini-PC isn't dead yet. CompuLab has just ushered into the world a new ultra-slim computer, the Fit-PC3, which offers up AMD silicon within and a starting price of just $328. It's sort of like a condensed Mac mini, albeit with no OS X inside. It touts HDMI 1.3, DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, a mixture of USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, a pair of eSATA ports and an RS-232 control adapter.

The $328 gets you a barebones nettop, including a 1GHz single-core processor, integrated Radeon HD 6290 graphics, and loads of customizability. The only question is this: how many are you going to pick up, and will there be any room without one?
Tags:  Desktop, compulab