Compellent Sees 10K RPM, 900GB 2.5" Hard Drive Coming "Soon"

Bigger hard drives are just a fact of life; ones that ship next year will be larger than those that ship this year. Hard drives are only headed onward and upward, but even knowing that, hearing that a 900GB drive could soon spring into notebooks is a real head-turner. According to Compellent's future road map, that's exactly what's coming: a 900GB 2.5" HDD, and sooner than you may think.

Reportedly, a 900GB 2.5" drive, spinning at a rapid 10000RPM, is coming "soon," with a 300GB 2.5" drive spinning at 15000RPM on the horizon as well. A 15000RPM hard drive in a notebook would certainly blow away benchmarks from every other notebook hard drive, and even SSDs would probably have to re-think their reason for living.

Sadly, no drive manufacturer has announced plans to bring this size or speed of hard drive to market just yet, but it's a safe bet that they will just as soon as it's possible. After all, who would want to miss out on sales of something so revolutionary?

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