Compaq Airlife 100: Part Netbook, Part Smartbook

Compaq. Remember that name? Believe it or not, the brand is still around, and the HP subordinate has just revealed one of the most eye-catching machines to be announced this year. The Airlife 100 is a really unique computer. The 10.1" screen may lead you to believe that this is just another netbook, but the specification lists says otherwise.

In our opinion, the Airlife 100 is what would be created if a netbook, a smartbook and a mobile phone got together to have a good time. Running the show here is Google's Android operating system, which is generally reserved for use on smartphones. We know that a select few laptops run on Android, but rarely do those go anywhere in the market where people expect fuller OS experiences.

Another interesting aspect is the CPU. There's no Atom or Core 2 Duo chip here; instead, there's a Snapdragon 1GHz processor, which has generally been reserved for use in smartbooks and select smartphones. Other specs include a 16GB SSD, Wi-Fi, 3G WWAN, a 12 hour battery, and an all-white shell. As of now, it seems the machine will be reserved for sale in Europe with a partnership with Telefonica, but we could absolutely see this shipping elsewhere if demand is strong.