Company Announces SDHC Adapter For iPhone

One of the touted features of iPhone OS 3.0 was the ability to interface with external hardware, and one company has used that to fill a gap in the iPhone's feature set. The company, zoomMediaPlus, has announced zoomIt, an adapter that allows iPhones to read SD cards (and with adapters, mini and micro SD cards).

zoomMedia is taking pre-orders right now. The price is a relatively high $59.95, but the company will ship a free 4GB Kingston SDHC card to the first 250 customers as well as a limited time $10 discount. The device is expected to ship in April.

When you plug in the zoomIt to your iPhone's dock connector, you will be prompted to download the zoomIt app from the App Store.

Naturally DRM-encoded slotRadio cards won't work with zoomIt, but Sandisk's slotMusic cards will. However, what's most cool is the ability to quickly swap files to and from an SD card using the zoomIt app's file manager.

Will this work with the iPad? The connectors are different, but the iPad is using a version of the iPhone OS, so one would think it would work.

One has to wonder, however, if Apple will allow this app to continue to "live" in the App Store. Apple recently announced a Camera Connector Kit for the iPad, but it hasn't announced a similar product for the iPhone and iPod touch. Of course, the zoomIt device and app allow access to more than just image files.