Compal’s Airttach Laptop May Be The Best Triple-Screen Concept We’ve Seen Yet

compal triple display laptop is the best design seen so far
When on the go with a laptop, one of the biggest complaints tends to be a lack of screen real estate, especially for people who are used to multiple displays. In response to these user requirements, companies have created concept products such as Razer’s triple-display Project Valerie gaming notebook concept we saw at CES 2017. Ultimately, none of these concept devices seemed all that feasible, that is perhaps until now, with a new wireless multi-display laptop design from Taiwan-based Compal that seems fairly polished and dare we say even sleek.

As the IF World Design website explains, “Multiple displays increases work productivity, but same cannot be said for them on mobility.” Thus, the Compal Airttach is a new concept design that would allow users to expand their mobile workstation’s display out to three 13” displays with an insane 48:9 aspect ratio. Once the displays are connected, you will not have bezels either, as each display has a canted edge, so when put together, they all end up flush.

compal triple display laptop canted edge

Furthermore, the website explains that users do not necessarily have to connect each display, and they can be used as standalone readers if desired. This freedom in positioning and location for displays can be quite useful if implemented well, and the concept product seems well thought out. According to the description, connection is a “one-handed snap” operation without any wires required, making setup incredibly easy when connecting the displays.

compal triple display laptop in multiple orientations
The Compal Displays Go Anywhere You Want

compal triple display laptop in multiple orientations disconnected

Overall, this certainly seems to be the best multiple-display laptop design we have seen yet due to its simplicity and elegance. Hopefully, we will get to see more of this concept soon as there is a supposed “Date of Launch” set for this year with target regions in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. If you want to see where this goes, let us know what you think in the comments below and keep an eye on HotHardware for updates in the future.
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