Commodore To Ship AMIGA-Branded All-In-One PCs

There's no question that few people will ever buy one of these, but just because it's a niche product line doesn't mean that we can't smile about it. Those who have been following consumer electronics for decades now may remember Commodore USA, mostly from the video game sector. But now, Commodore is coming back in a big way. In one week, we've heard about the revival of both Duke Nukem Forever and Commodore USA. Is the world ending? Have we hit our heads? Is it April 1st somewhere?

Commodore USA has just acquired the rights to re-use the AMIGA branding, and they're planning to do so on all-in-one keyboard computers. These machines will reportedly run AROS, which is an open source version of AmigaOS 3.1. That alone will almost ensure that not too many people spring for one of these, but who knows if they can be hacked to run Mac OS X, Windows 7 or anything else for that matter.

An AMIGA PC? Come to daddy! Now we just need a price and ship date.

Company to produce new line of  Amiga branded keyboard computers

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL. and MAPLE VALLEY, WA. August 31, 2010 – Commodore USA, LLC and Amiga Inc., today announced their licensing agreement whereby Commodore USA, LLC will produce a full line of new AMIGA branded “AIO” (All In One) keyboard computers, under an exclusive worldwide license granted by Amiga Inc. for this newly revitalized computer category.

Mr. Barry Altman, President and CEO of Commodore USA, LLC states “We are ecstatic to be partnering with Amiga Inc. in this new, exciting product launch. The legacy of the Commodore and Amiga trademark brand, reunited once again after so many years, and our reintroduction of the legendary All-In-One computer keyboard form factor, combined with the twenty five year anniversary of the introduction of the first Amiga computer by Commodore International, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Commodore USA has now taken a major role in not just supporting the future Amiga market with our many new products, but also in providing  a new beginning for the enormous existing Amiga community. Our relationship with them, along with our support for the elegant, robust and lightweight AROS desktop operating system, will ensure that they and future customers will benefit from our new and exciting vision, and enable the legacy Commodore and Amiga culture to flourish. We look forward to bringing these new products to market, and welcoming a whole new generation of computer users to the Commodore and Amiga experience”. Mr. Altman continues “ I would like to personally thank our team of  advisors, consultants, lawyers and most of  all the over 5 million viewers to our website, and the 270,000+ respondents who took the time to provide us with not only their thoughts and suggestions, but offered us their support and wishes for our success. And one more thing: We have now successfully negotiated the acquisition of two legendary brand exclusive trademark licenses. Our efforts will now continue in acquiring the third and final brand license, completing our quest for the total technology trifecta.  Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!”.

In response to an overwhelming demand from Amiga users worldwide, Commodore USA’s CTO Leo Nigro announced today that their new Amiga  branded computers will be fully AROS compatible, and that they will be supporting the AROS open source community in every way possible. Mr. Nigro states “With the monumental strides that AROS has recently achieved, we realize the importance of accelerating this progress with funding that will enable this project to rapidly move forward and take it’s rightful place at the forefront of desktop operating systems”. With the recent announcement of their newly updated Commodore C64 model, and the acquisition of the Amiga brand exclusive trademark license, Commodore USA has once again catapulted the Commodore and Amiga namesake to the forefront of consumer electronics brand recognition.