TheC64 Is A Full Size Commodore 64 Reboot For 1980s Retro Gaming

TheC64 Commodore 64 Reboot
It is official, folks—Retro Games is releasing a full-size retro reboot of the original Commodore 64, called TheC64, on December 5. That means it will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas, though not as a stocking stuffer. Well, not unless you have a oversized stocking hanging over your fireplace. Otherwise, it's best if Santa slips this one underneath the tree.

Retro gaming is vogue right now, with manufacturers trying to capture the same type of sales success that Nintendo did with both its NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles. Sega, for example, is launching a Genesis Mini console packing 40 games in September, and Sony's PlayStation Classic recently dropped in price to $29.99 on Amazon.

As for the Commodore 64 reboot, Retro Games already released a miniature version last year, appropriated called TheC64 Mini. What's headed to store shelves in December, however, is a full-size model with a working keyboard, for a more authentic throwback experience.

Users can switch between three different modes, including C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel. If you are one of the many old school gamers and PC users who have fond memories of typing Load"*",8,1 on a blue background, that will be an option in C64 mode.

Of course, modern amenities abound for this reboot. TheC64 can connect to any modern TV via HDMI, to deliver "crisp 720p HD visuals" at 60Hz (USA) or 50Hz (Europe). It also comes with an updated joystick featuring 8 buttons, micro switches, and USB connectivity. It bears a passing resemblance to the original, but with additional bells and whistles.

TheC64 will arrive with 64 games preinstalled, including titles such as California Games, Destroyer, Impossible Mission (1 and 2), Monty on the Run, Speedball 2, and many others. As is often the case with games from that era, the box art is typically more interesting than the actual gameplay. However, a unique twist is that players will be able to add more games from a USB memory stick (not included).

The original Commodore 64 is widely considered the best-selling single-model PC of all time. Estimates have sales pegged at somewhere between 10-17 million units. That reason alone should give this full-size reboot some traction, though I'd be surprised if it drew the same kind of attention (in terms of sales) as Nintendo's throwback consoles.

For anyone who is interested, Retro Games has opened up preorders in the UK (£109.99), Germany (€ 119.99), and Italy (€119.98).