Come Again? Bose Beats Apple To Infringement Settlement For Noise Canceling Headphone Tech

Well now, that was fast -- rather than let their legal beagles bark at each other in court, Apple and Bose came to terms on a settlement agreement that puts to rest the latter's clam that the former is infringing on proprietary patents that mostly involve noise noise cancelling technology. Prior to the settlement, Bose sought to block Apple from importing its Beats headphones into the U.S.

Bose also wanted Apple to pay monetary damages, and though terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, it's a safe bet that money is what Bose will receive (you know, as opposed to a box full of Beats headphones or a free subscription to Beats Music).

Bose Headphones

Apple purchased the Beats brand for $3 billion back in May of this year. Two months later, Bose filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of infringing on its noise cancelling technology patents. Bose was looking to protect the reputation of its QuietComfort headphones, which are highly regarded for their ability to block out background noise. One could also speculate that the timing of the suit suggests Bose was looking to cash in on the multi-billion dollar transaction.

This might not be the last time we see these two companies share a headline, as a rivalry could be brewing. Just last week, it was announced that the NFL had banned players from wearing Beats headphones -- along with any non-Bose brand headsets -- while conducting TV interviews during pre-season training camps, during practice sessions, and on game day starting the opening kickoff on through to the post-game interviews conducted in the locker room or on the podium. That's because the NFL and Bose extended their sponsorship agreement.