Comcast Shies Away from Usage Based Billing

Comcast hasn't exactly been one to avoid bad PR. We need only think back to the whole BitTorrent throttling fiasco, or more recently, Level 3's accusation that Comcast is essentially putting an extortion charge on whisking Netflix traffic down to its subscribers. But here's one bit of good news coming from the Comcast camp -- the ISP reportedly isn't planning to bill its customers based on data usage, Yahoo News reports.

"Right now we have no plan in place to activate usage-based pricing," Comcast bigwig Neil Smit told investors on Tuesday.

No need to pull the plug, Comcast says it isn't switching to a usage-based billing model.

That's great news for customers addicted to streaming media, such as Netflix and OnLive, not to mention all those ginormous game demo downloads and Steam titles. And while it's true Comcast subscribers are capped at 250GB of data per month, according to Comcast, the average subscriber doesn't come anywhere close to that number.