Comcast Adds Free Anti-Cybercriminal Software Suite For Internet Customers

Paranoia. It's what makes the world go 'round. So maybe that's not precisely true in all cases, but does it not apply here? With the rampant hacking that's been going on (we're looking at you, Sony!), people near and far are suddenly concerned with Internet security. It's always been a concern in reality, but these days it's getting a huge chunk of the mainstream spotlight thanks to the efforts of ill-willed hackers that are bringing down massive services such as PSN and swiping vital information from

Now, Comcast is exploiting the situation (or, should we say, making an intelligent business move) by launching new Internet safety services that aim to protect customers. While we say this with half a smile, it actually is nice to see an ISP looking out for those who may be far less techno-savvy and able to prevent themselves from becoming a victim. It's not the first actions by an ISP to provide users with anti-virus and firewall software, but this is a pretty comprehensive front against cybercriminals.

Comcast just so happens to be America's largest residential Internet service provider, and these new Internet safety solutions and resources for its Xfinity Internet customers are being added for no additional fee. Timed to coincide with Internet Safety Month, the company’s new desktop application, called the Constant Guard Protection Suite, will include Norton Security Suite as well as Identity Guard. We aren't the biggest fans of these anti-virus packages that overrun your desktop with constant pop-ups, but these days, maybe it's worth the annoyance to know you're covered.