Cobra Tag Bluetooth Location System Keeps Your Valuables Around

Having trouble keeping track of your keys? It's a problem that most everyone has had at some point, and with all of our lives getting busier by the minute, it's a problem that deserves a solution. Cobra Electronics, a company usually linked to in-car radar detectors, is branching out this week at CTIA with an all new tracking/location service for the keys that are so easily misplaced. The Cobra Tag is the company's Bluetooth tagging system that is designed to help users avoid losing car keys, smartphones, or other valuables.

It's a two-part system. There's a Bluetooth/GPS dongle key fob that you link your keys and valuables on, and then there's a smartphone app that keeps track of the key fob. If you misplace the fob, your phone can help you track it down. Just make sure you don't lose both your phone and the key fob at the same time! The Cobra Tag is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. starting in July, with the system monitoring the distance between the phone and tagged items and produces an audible alert if they become separated.

In addition, the Cobra Tag app can record the GPS location and the time of day the items became separated, and sends this information to a pre-configured contact list via email, text message, or even to a linked Facebook or Twitter account. The Cobra Tag system also includes a handy two-way finder feature. Pressing a button on the Cobra Tag key fob device will ring the paired smartphone, and a feature of the app can also help locate the tagged valuable.

It'll sell for $59.99, and the app itself will be free of charge for BlackBerry and Android phones.