CmdrTaco Returns With News Recommendation Site Trove

If you've been around the internet for as long as we have, you'll probably relate to something: this place is getting noisy, and nosier by the day.  It has become practically impossible to keep up with what's going on each day on the 'net, even if you're trying solely to focus on a specific area of interest. There's simply too much going on, too much conversation, and too many social channels to keep track of. Which is why Slashdot's CmdrTaco (Rob Malda) is introducing Trove.

Trove has been around since 2010, but it's being re-invented this week as a new news curation tool. Specifically, it's a "social news app bringing you the best stories picked by people who share your interests." Each individual "trove" provides news that you'll (supposedly) care about, without being overwhelmed. There's a pretty respected team behind the news who will be responsible for curating everything from toy robots to politics.

Trove will have an iOS app, and it'll be available at You'll need to visit, sign up, and start selecting favorites for the system to work for you. It's a useful project to be sure, and one that's sorely needed given the deluge of news that's hitting us from all angles these days.
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