Close-up With Dell's Alienware M11X Mini Gaming Notebook

There were a few stand-outs at this year's 2010 CES, like Intel's WiDi Wireless Display demo and of course NVIDIA's impressive Tegra 2 demo.  However, if we were to call in a close 3rd runner-up to those two, it would have to be the absolutely HOT looking new Dell Alienware M11x gaming notebook.  Dell was pre-announcing this machine that is soon to be released and for us at least, it was a proverbial show-stopper.  The M11x is built on an 11.6-inch LCD form-factor and from what we could tell, it's svelte, well-built, super stylish and rugged.  You can think of it as a mini version of the M15x or M17x series but we think it's just darling either way you look at it.  Feast your tired geek eyes here...

Dell Alienware Product Manager, Mark Diana took us on a nickel tour of their new little bad boy as well.  Take it away, Mark and don't look so serious man, will ya?

With looks that kill, a back-lit keyboard, bitchin' Camaro-like illuminated speaker/vent grills and a GeForce GT 335M under the hood, this little hot-rod is a real head-turner that you'll feel good about sitting on the street corner, with the lid up as the chicks walk by.  All that in a 4lb package and reportedly for "well under $1000". We'll reserve judgment on performance until we get one in our greedy paws here, though Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta nearly made off with the demo unit under his shirt.  Foiled again bud.  Guess we'll have to wait until those press samples get seeded after all.  More on this little turbo-charged Alien in the days ahead!