Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions Unveils LawBreakers Game Trailer And It's Pretty Badass

Boss Key Productions has posted its first trailer of LawBreakers (formerly Project Bluestreak), a futuristic title that's set to release on multiple platforms in 2016. The trailer shows off some of the characters and classes that you'll have access to on both sides of the law -- yes, you'll have to decide whether you're fighting for the law or the lawbreakers.

A little background is in order. The game's setting is Earth, though not as you know it now. This is a future version of Earth where gravity is busted. The government, in its infinite wisdom, screwed up some testing on the moon and managed to split its surface, an event that came to be known as "The Shattering."

LawBreakers Screenshot

This caused an earthquake that screwed up gravity on Earth, and as we're prone to do as a species, we adapted. Things were going fine until a band of pesky "lawbreakers" brought drugs and war to the streets of America.

In this free-to-play, five-versus-five arena style shooter, you pick a side -- the lawbreakers or the ones assembled to fight them. The trailer shows off some of the characters and classes, including Kitsune, an Assassin who double jumps; Breacher, a Gunner who can shoot behind him; Maverick, a Skirmisher who flies around with a jetpack; and Cronos, a ticked off Titan who can rocket jump and appears to have the ability to

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is one of the co-founders of Boss Key Productions, the other of which is Arjan Brussee, the main coder behind both Jazz Jackrabbit games and co-founder Guerrilla Games.