Clickfree's C2 Rugged Backs Things Up, Can Take A Tumble

New portable hard drives seem to be popping up today at a blistering pace, but one thing most of 'em can't handle is severe drop. That's where Clickfree's newest drive comes in. The company's auto-backup line is gaining a new member this week, with the introduction of the C2 Rugged. This toughened-up drive claims to be the planet's only rugged portable drive with "automatic set-up and installation." It's built to U.S. military standards, and will continue to operate after drops from as high as four feet.

The drive contains an EasyRun feature that will automatically start, search, organize and backup a user's data whenever it's connected to a Mac or PC. All a person needs to do is plug the Clickfree drive into their computer through a USB port. There is absolutely no set-up or configuration, as the device starts itself without any user involvement. The 500GB model is available now for $140, and it seems to be capped at that size for now. Here's hoping we see a bigger one in time.