Clearwire Launching WiMAX Services In SF And NYC This Winter

Clearwire and Sprint have been offering 4G (WiMAX) services in various parts of the United States for quite some time now, but the latest introductions are probably the most significant yet. Actually, it's a pretty safe bet that these are in fact the most prominent yet. First off, Clearwire, Sprint and Time Warner Cable are partnering to offer 4G in New York City, which is a place that knows all too well how important mobile bandwidth can be.

Clearwire, Sprint and Time Warner Cable will each launch commercial 4G service in New York City on November 1, with official launch events and retail store openings to follow in each market. The actual service will be the same, but it will be resold by these three carriers. That means that there are more sales channels to get people connected, and with LTE coming up soon, 4G definitely is making a push to become the next-generation wireless data service. Subscribers will also be able to purchase a wide range of 4G devices, including: compact USB modems, numerous Intel(R) embedded WiMAX laptops and netbooks, portable Wi-Fi/4G hotspots, and other wireless devices.

What could be bigger than a 4G launch in The Big Apple? A 4G launch in San Francisco. Even more so than NYC, The City by the Bay is a tough place to latch onto a 3G signal, particularly with AT&T. But with Comcast, Sprint and Clearwire announcing that they'll be bringing WiMAX to the city via their own specific channels, it may end up lightening the load somewhat if people switch to WiMAX for their mobile data needs. This locale will receive the service in "late December," meaning that it should be live right around Christmastime.

If ever there were two huge launch cities to give Clear's WiMAX service a boost, these are it.

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