Clear Introduces Spot Voyager And Hub Express 4G Modems

Clearwire may be biting into LTE in the near future, but WiMAX is at the company's core, and evidently, so is sleek design. The company just launched the Clear Spot Voyager, one of the smallest 4G hotspots on the market. It offers unlimited 4G data plans, and if that one isn't in your wheelhouse, there's also the Clear Hub Express, a combination 4G modem and wireless router to give your home or office high-speed wireless internet.

The Voyager offers 4G sharing with up to eight Wi-Fi devices at the same time, and brings up to six hours of battery life in a form factor of 2.6" squared. The CLEAR Hub Express provides users 4G internet and is the only piece of equipment needed to set up a 4G internet hotspot in a home or office. With the device's built-in wireless router, users have an instant wi-fi network with no set-up or installation required. Unlike service plans from traditional wireless carriers which cap data usage, CLEAR offers unlimited* 4G usage plans that do not require long-term service contracts. CLEAR offers unlimited* 4G coverage starting as low as $34.99/month for either a home or mobile plan. CLEAR service is currently available in areas of the United States where approximately 130 million people live. A detailed map of service availability can be found at

The CLEAR Hub Express is manufactured by Gemtek, costs $99.99 (plus tax and shipping) and is 6.1" x 9.3" x 3.7". The CLEAR Spot Voyager and CLEAR Hub Express both currently are available -- the question is, are you still into WiMAX?