Classy Retailer to Allow HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Swap

Now this is a classy move, but don't worry, odds are it won't be a total loss for the company. The only bad part: it's in Japan.

The Japanese electronics retailer Edion is deeply ashamed it sold its customers HD DVD gear. So ashamed they that they're allowing buyers to swap in Toshiba HD DVD boxes for Blu-ray players. A little more investigation reveals that the trade must occur during March, and consumers only need pay the price difference. If a US retailer of the world would make such a move, they'd have me as a customer for life. But, I doubt any of the big stores here have the vision to put long term customer retention over its short term profits.

Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, are you listening?   Nah, dead air.

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