Clarion Mirage: An Android-Based In-Car NAV / Entertainment System

One thing that has baffled technophiles for years is this: if car navigation systems are so expensive as factory options, why aren't they any good? Even simple Android phones can provide superior turn-by-turn directions, but the general idea is that Android in a car opens up far too many ways for drivers to distract themselves. Perhaps that logic is correct, actually. But either way, Clarion is giving those who don't mind third-party installs a reason to celebrate, as the "Mirage" is the first Android-based full automotive grade car stereo. It's equipped with a 6.5" display, Android touchscreen overlay, Bluetooth, SD card slot and an FM radio. There's also a USB connector, iPod support, a navigation system and a digital sound processor. There's not a mention of a price just yet, but hopefully it'll be affordable. And hopefully, a few automakers will start integrating it from the factory.