ClamCase Converts Your iPad into a Laptop

Burn us at the stake (please don't) or take away our PC geek cred membership card (never mind, we'd rather be burned at the stake), but we have no problem admitting we like Apple's iPad. It's fun, it's functional, and it makes an awesome bedside or couch companion, lack of Flash support be damned. But one thing we're not so keen on is typing on the iPad's virtual keyboard, at least not for any kind of real work. Sure it's serviceable for hammering out a quick email or typing in a URL, but beyond that, it really kind of sucks.

While we're complaining about things we don't like with the iPad, we might as well moan about the $40 protective case Apple sells. It feels flimsy and even a little ghetto when you're shoving the iPad into it, but it beats scratching up your $500+ gadget.

It doesn't have to be that way, folks. Now that the iPad has been on the market for over a month, more and more third-party manufacturers are stepping to the plate with add-on devices, and one of them is ClamCase. The ClamCase consists of a chiclet style Bluetooth keyboard with tactile feedback, but it also serves as a case and stand. The all-one-solution essentially transforms your iPad into a notebook lookalike.

The case is made of high quality ABS plastic and shields against falls, breakage, dust, and dirt. From the pictures we've seen, it all looks pretty slick, and is perhaps what Apple's case should have been in the first place. No word yet on how much it will cost, but according to the company's YouTube video (see here), you'll be able to pick one up this Fall.
Improve the Magical iPad® experience by enhancing protection, efficiency and ease of use with the ClamCase™ the all-in-one: keyboard, case and stand with a sea of features under its shell.

*Patent Pending


The chiclet style Bluetooth® keyboard offers a tactical feedback allowing you to compose and type quickly.

Your iPad® easily connects to ClamCases wireless Bluetooth® keyboard

The only physical hardware keyboard solution with a case
Manual power on and off button with blue LED indicator light and automatic power save mode.

Connection to other HID compatible Bluetooth devices such as Sony Playstation 3®,
Tivo® and HTPC (home theater PC) to give you the ultimate wireless keyboard experience.

Bluetooth® technology enables the 30-pin dock connector to be free for charging, syncing and other hard wired functions.


The 360-degree torque hinges enable greater flexibility and fixed angles for featured modes of operation as the simple and sleek design of the ClamCase™ protects your iPad® from dents and dings.

Made of high quality ABS plastic to ensure long lasting protection.

Shields against falls and breakage, dust and dirt.

ClamCase™ closed position guards against accidental openings and falls.

Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture of the 360 degree hinge provides a more user-friendly hold for confident handling.


Designed to enhance the iPad® experience by providing a you-decide stand with an endless combination of positions to accommodate your desired tasks.

Flip-back keyboard to expose the rubber hinge grip and enjoy your iPad® in tablet mode.

Watch movies at the perfect angle with the uniquely designed ClamCase™ stand which can position into an infinite number of viewing angles.

Manipulate the iPad® touch screen and use your favorite apps at just the right angle.

The unique positioning of the ClamCase™ allows users the capability to display a digital picture frame slideshow in both portrait and landscape views.

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