Cisco Study Projects Internet Traffic To Quadruple By 2015

Guess what? The Internet is growing, by leaps and bounds. Tons of new users are joining the digital revolution each and every day, all across the globe, via mobile or fixed line connections. And now, a new study has found that global online traffic will quadruple by 2015. Yes, quadruple, even from where it's at today! That's massive growth, no question about it, and you have to wonder what changes will be required to keep all of those users happy. The study, put out by Cisco, also sees the amount of gadgets link to the Web climbing to 15 billion by that same year.

Those figures were highlighted in the company's fifth annual Visual Networking Index Forecast, which also forecasted that around 3 billion people (over 40% of the world's total population) will be using the Internet in some way by the year 2015. Cisco vice president Suraj Shetty, had this to say: "The explosive growth in Internet data traffic, especially video, creates an opportunity in the years ahead for optimizing and monetizing visual, virtual and mobile Internet experiences." The study also noted that while PCs led to 97% of all consumer Internet traffic last year, that'll drop to 87% in the next 4 years due to people turning to smartphones, tablets, and TVs/handhelds.

Also, online video traffic (which includes 3D and HD transmissions) will be 14x greater in 2015 compared to last year. If the forecast proves correct, a million minutes of video will cruise through the Internet every single second in 2015. Big, big changes are coming -- hope you're ready!