These Cisco Routers Have An Unpatchable Critical Security Flaw, Upgrade ASAP

scaled cisco rv110w
If you're in the business world you've heard of Cisco. If you're in the consumer world, you probably still have heard of Cisco, or at least have probably used one of the company's products, especially considering it acquired about 218 organizations since 1993. The most well known consumer product organization acquired by Cisco would be Linksys.

Well, because of its rather large library of networking products, like many manufacturers, it sunsets support for devices no longer being manufactured. Today is no different. Certain things like limitations in hardware, and even software capabilities even make the ability to update or patch certain products quite impossible. That is the case with these routers from the manufacturer.

scaled cisco rv215w
Cisco RV215W

The RV110W, RV130, RV130W, and RV215W routers from Cisco all are in a state where there is no workaround or fix to resolve a critical zero-day exploit. This particularly nasty vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to execute arbitrary code, cause a devices to restart, or even create a denial of service condition. Cisco itself has stated that these devices are past their End of Life (EoL) and theefore a patch will not be issued. There are no known workarounds available, either. So the advisement from the manufacturer is to not use these particular products, in favor of replacing them with newer models.

Networking equipment can get expensive to replace, however, it's a lot less costly than experiencing significant downtime, or denial of service due to security breaches. Additionally the recommendation to replace the hardware is good in that there truly is just better hardware out there now, with better encryption methods and and even just faster speeds. Besides, Cisco doesn't even sell these particular models anymore.