Circuit City Cuts 3400 Jobs

DailyTech is reporting that Circuit City is cutting back its workforce by about 3400 "overpaid" workers.  Employees terminated in these cutbacks will get four weeks severance pay plus they can reapply for their old jobs at a lower wage after 10 weeks.  Hopefully this won't have a negative impact on the level of customer service.

"Hot on the heels of the announcement that CompUSA and Tweeter are closing 126 and 53 stores respectively is word that Circuit City is firing 3,400 employees and bringing in lower-cost workers to fill their roles. The company says that the move is aimed to help realign its cost and expense structure."

If you've been considering applying for a job at Circuit City, you might want to take into consideration that there will soon be potentially 3400 ex-employees that have already been trained applying for some of those positions.