Google Promises Fix After Chrome OS Update Locks Users Outs Of Their Chromebooks

lenovo chromebook
Chromebooks are the devices that many schools use for day-to-day work through 1:1 programs, so if there is a broken update, it could spell bad news. Unfortunately, it seems this is what happened with update 91.0.4472.165, as users found they could not log in. Google has since indicated that it is working on a fix for the issue.

Noted over on Reddit yesterday, the “stable” update released (91.0.4472.165) prevented users from logging in to their Chromebooks. The only known fix would be to wipe the Chromebook through a process called “powerwashing,” which could be problematic if you had anything saved locally to the device.

reddit chromebook update prevents users from logging in but a fix is inbound

Since then, Google has been made abundantly aware of the problem and has pulled the patch from release. Furthermore, the company has released a notice about the update, stating a “new version which will fix the issue will be available on July 21st.” This fix has begun to roll out and will hopefully solve the login problem if users have not already wiped their devices.

It is quite amazing that a bug of this magnitude slipped by the update testing rings and Google’s developers alike. Did no one happen to log in to a Chromebook while testing out update 91.0.4472.165? Either way, a fix is coming, but hopefully, something like this will not happen again.