Chevrolet Corvette’s Valet Mode Is Illegal In Some States, GM Warns Owners

Owners of 2015 Chevrolet Corvettes could be breaking the law if they use the vehicle’s Valet Mode feature. General Motors has been sending out letters to Corvette owners and its Chevrolet dealerships with the warning that the use of this feature could be illegal in some states.

Valet Mode is simply a Performance Data Recorder that allows owners to record conversations taking place in their car as well as performance data. It’s a way to know what is happening to your car if a valet is parking it for you or, in a state of temporary insanity, you loan it to a friend or significant other. However, such secret audio recordings are considered illegal in many states.

Image Credit: Chevrolet

GM sent letters to current owners of the 2015 Corvette asking that they not use the mode until a software update has been implemented within the next few weeks. The company did not provide any specifics as to what that update would entail. Letters were also sent to its Chevrolet dealerships asking that dealers inform potential buyers about the Valet Mode and warn them not to use the feature.

For owners who decide to use the mode to spy on the occupants in the vehicle, GM went on to say that the owner should “notify any occupants of the vehicle that they will be recorded while in the vehicle” and “obtain their consent” to the recording.