Cherrypal Africa Netbook: The World's "First" $99 Laptop

OLPC tried its best to come out with a $100 (or so) notebook, but after all was said and done, it failed. Cherrypal is known for producing low-cost wares, and now it's claiming that it has just launched the planet's first $99 laptop. Sure, you can pick up small notebooks overseas for less than $100, but no mainstream US-based machine has hit the level until now.

You may remember this company as responsible for producing the world's "greenest desktop computer," and today it's launching its first $99 netbook. Oddly, the machine is titled "Africa," and unlike some of the modern Eee PCs, this one has a screen that's only 7". Of course, you shouldn't expect much more for $99, but hey, it's a $99 notebook!

Specifications include a 400MHz processor, 256GB of storage, 2GB of memory and the ability to run Linux or Windows CE operating systems. You'll notice that these specifications are weaker than some smartphones, but if you only need to browse the web and work on the occasional document, this just might do the trick. Whatever the case, we're glad that the pricing barrier has been lowered--now let's just get those specifications up to where they need to be and we'll be set!

"At Cherrypal, we're extremely conscious of the so-called 'digital divide'," said Max Seybold, the company's founder. "We're constantly looking for ways to bridge that gap, and the Cherrypal Africa is a huge step in the right direction. Plus, everyone who has tried it has absolutely loved it!"

Named after Cherrypal's recent community building initiative in Ghana, the Africa packs quite a punch for its size and price point. The computer runs on a 400 MHz processor and features 256 GB RAM, 2 GB flash memory and can run either Linux or Windows CE operating systems.

The Africa isn't just user friendly - it's also environmentally friendly. From top to bottom, Cherrypal designs all of its computers to consume the least amount of power possible, while using fewer parts than other manufacturers. This saves electricity and keeps excess computer byproducts out of landfills. The company is also aware of its own carbon footprint and relies on wind energy to power its website.

Along with the launch of the Africa, Cherrypal has also redesigned the new 13.3-inch widescreen Bing laptop. Priced at only $389 (including Windows XP), the Intel N280-based (1.6 GHz operation) Bing features 1 GB DDRII memory, 160 GB HDD, 1.3 MP integrated web camera and much, much more.

The Cherrypal Bing and Cherrypal Africa can both be purchased through the recently launched Cherrypal Open Store, which features products designed by Apple, Dell and others. All non-Cherrypal products featured in the Open Store are priced at least 30 percent less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price, but carry Cherrypal's unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

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