CheapCast App Promises to Turn Any Android Device Into a Chromecast Streamer

Google's $35 streaming Chromecast dongle has been pretty well received by the media and end users alike, but if you're having trouble tracking one down in stock and/or simply want to stream to your Android device in Chromecast like fashion, there's a remarkably easy and free alternative. It's called CheapCast, and true to its name, the app is a free download available via Google Play.

Once installed, CheapCast allows your Android tablet or smartphone to stream from Chromecast-enabled apps such as YouTube and Google Music to other devices on the same wireless network.

If you want to take things one step further, you can connect the device acting as a receiver to your high definition TV via HDMI. In other words, one possible setup is that you'd control Chromecast-enabled devices on your Android smartphone, beaming the content to your Android tablet, which itself is hooked up to your large screen TV.

Be warned that what's available is an early beta version, meaning some things might not work correctly. The beta app is also unable to cast Chrome Tabs at this time.