CES Highlights @ The Inquirer

The Inquirer has posted several highlights from CES ranging from coverage of new high-tech toys such as the Raptor X and Dell Renegade 600 to rumors and feedback regarding some upcoming new products like ATI's RD580 chipset. While you're there, be sure to see what The Inq has to say about notebook SLI configurations and NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 7300 GPU. Here's a snippet from the GeForce 7300 post to capture your attention:

ACCORDING to some roadmaps we have seen, Nvidia is getting ready to show of its Geforce 7300 graphic card. It's a new card based on a new 90 nanometre design and separate sources confirmed the imminent arrival of this card. There will be more than one flavour of the card and we know that the slower - and cheaper - ones will be limited to a 64-bit memory interface. The fastest ones will be capable of running 128-bit memory as well.
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