CES 2012: Intel and SuperMicro Booth Tours

We’re making our way around the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show and have some interesting tid-bits to share with you all from our tours of the Intel and SuperMicro booths in the Central and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center.





Not surprisingly, much of Intel’s focus this year has been on Ultrabooks. There are Ultrabooks virtually everywhere and all of Intel’s major mobile partners have shown off current or future Ultrabook desings in their respective displays or in Intel’s. There is a large tower at the corner of Intel’s gigantic booth with a myriad of Ultrabooks on display from partners like Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, LG, Lenovo and others. Of all of the machines, the Lenovo Yoga is perhaps the most buzzworthy, with its dual-articulating hinge design (we’ve captured the Yoga on video here). Unfortunately, there wasn’t much new infomration regarding next-gen Ivy Bridge-based Ultrabooks, but it won’t be long before we’ve got more to report on that front.

In a closed door session, Intel was also showing off new All-in-One DIY platforms built around Sandy Bridge and Intel-built Thin Mini-ITX motherboards. The DIY platforms will include a screen and enclosure, and feature standard thermal solutions and motherboards which sport, thin 25mm I/O shields.

Although there wasn’t much new going on in Intel’s booth just yet, stay tuned to HotHardware for some big news that’ll be hitting in the next few hours.




We also spent some time checking out SuperMicro’s booth. The company is well known for their server motherboards and enterprise-class workstations, but they’ve also recently entered the entry-level gaming system space. Unlike many boutique gaming system building, which tend to sport flashy chassis and focus on overclocking, SuperMicro has instead equipped their machines with their own workstation-class motherboards and focused on stability and reliability. SuperMicro systems can be user customized at the time of order, with prices starting in the $1000 range.