Century Netbook Stand: Almost A Docking Station

Well, what have we here? No, really -- what in the world is this? Japanese site Akihabara News.com has images of a completely intriguing new netbook accessory, a little something called the -- wait for it -- Netbook Stand. Designed by Century, this all-in-one device appears to be a netbook stand, cooling station and expansion dock, all in one convenient unit.

Basically, this looks to add a DVD writer, an additional hard drive and a few more USB ports to your stripped down netbook, but we're a little confused as to how it actually connects. We're guessing the whole thing syncs up via USB 2.0, but that's sure shoving a lot of data through a relatively small pipe. At any rate, we sure love the idea here, and frankly, we're amazed it has taken this long to see some sort of netbook-centric docking station.

Tags:  Netbook, Century, Stand