Celebrate A Steam-y Holiday With Great Game Discounts

It's Christmas.

Actually, it's the day before the fake Mayan apocalypse, Winter Solstice Eve, two days before Festivus, and five days before Christmas. Regardless of your chosen holiday, it's the magical time of year when the kinfolk you've spent 51 weeks successfully avoiding manage to squirm their way into your home like particularly determined tapeworms.

Having attached themselves to the intestines of your dogged Christmas cheer, they'll regale you with stories of their vacations, promotions, life accomplishments. If they have children, you'll be treated to lengthy treatises on how Spawn Jr has managed potty training and written his first symphony in the same year. At some point, you'll be asked if you've gotten a handle on your own genetic aberration's paint chip problem yet.

Their kids on the left, yours on the right

Note: It's possible that I have Christmas issues.

Buying enough alcohol to remain intoxicated for two straight weeks is financially burdensome and could cause family problems. Most of the really good drugs that'd solve the problem are difficult to come by. Fortunately, there's an alternative -- the Steam Holiday Sale!

While drowning your in-laws in a vat of Spam is probably out of the question, the entire Hitman franchise is on sale. Prefer something more whimsical? Try Scribblenauts! Borderlands, Arkham City, Fable III, and the Prince of Persia franchise are some of the other games on sale, and this is just the first day.

New this year is a Steam app that'll notify you when games on your wish list are on sale -- so there's no more need to login and check day to day.

The sale runs from today through the next two weeks, and it's an annual opportunity to pick up games that you've been wanting to play, experiment with titles when their prices drop, or pick up Game-of-the-Year editions + DLC packs at a bargain price. Publisher packs are also back, from companies like 2K, Eidos, THQ, Valve, and Ubisoft all offering their own deals. Indie games, F2P software, and controller-enabled products are also prominently featured. Bethesda's $89.99 package packs in everything from Quake to both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion, Skyrim, Rage, and Dishonored.

What are you waiting for -- dig in!